Practical Northland Accountant Services

Macnicol is a company that has a very proud as well as long history in offering high quality Northland accountant services along with advice that is business sound for all their clients. They have a commitment to creating partnerships with each client so that they are able to gain an understanding of each client’s unique situation. In this way they are able to customize the assistance they offer to match up to the requirements that the client needs.

About Northland Accountant

Macinol understand very well that choosing an accountant firm to entrust your business advisory, financial and accounting requirements is one of the most important decisions you will have to make for your company. The constant economic changes as well as increases in the competitive pressures add to the importance of this decision, because every individual, organization and business needs to be making the most from these valuable resources. Macinol is experienced in offering you with just right information so that you can make the best decisions along with state-of-the-art tools such as cash flow forecasting, benchmarking and so much more.


Northland accountant services have a goal in providing sound advice when your company requires it and not only when you have asked for it.

Macinol will assist you in the management of each aspect of the company and due to the fact that they first establish a one-on-one relationship with every client, the advice provided is tailored for your own business.

Here is a list of the services that Northland accountant services offer:

1. Accounting Services

  • Statutory Compliance Work
  • Preparation if annual and periodic Financial Statements
  • Monthly Financial Reports

2. Taxation

Northland accountant services also include the Preparation of Income Tax Returns which are Electronically Filed with the Inland Revenue:

  • Tax Returns and Fringe Benefits
  • Services and Goods Tax Returns
  • Qualifying Company Regime
  • Taxation Audits that deal Inland Revenue
  • Compliance matters that are linked with “Resident Withholding Tax”
  • Registration for RWT, Employer, GST, etc
  • Macinol has “Inland Revenue Tax Agency Status” that offers their clients with added benefits
  • The Comprehensive Tax associated with a (payment reminder system)

3. Trust Admin and Formation

  • Trust Administration
  • Advice on setting up a Trust

4. Registering Companies

  • Online Company formations, this includes the availability of Same Day services
  • Maintaining the Statutory Registers
  • Increase in Share Transfers, Capital, Registered Office facility and more

5. Business Development and Management

  • Giving advice on the business structures
  • Advice for selling or buying a business
  • Share and Business valuations
  • Cash Flow and Financial Forecasts
  • Assistance with bank lending and debt restructuring
  • Monthly Debtors Processing
  • Payments of PAYE and Wages

6. Personal Services

  • Investment advice from outside specialists
  • Retirement Planning

Macinol know that your main strength happens to be your business and not always about tax minimisation. They are experts in combining the skills you have along with the know-how to assist your company in becoming a lot easier to run as well as profitable.